What we do about unavoidable plastic…

What we do about unavoidable plastic…

While we do everything we can to avoid single-use plastic and plastic packaging, we still end up with some of it hanging about Punk Rock Health HQ. So we have developed a short set of practices to do our bit against these unavoidable plastics.

Our Packaging

We are currently on the lookout for home compostable mailing bags to ship your goods in. Suppliers for this are few and far between BUT they are growing in numbers and product ranges so as soon as we find something suitable our packaging will be home compostable and as sustainable as possible.

In the meantime, we must confess, we are using the occasional bubble wrap lined mailing bag, which we hate to do! As our spirits cannot rest when we contribute to an issue we are trying to solve, we have come up with a plan to offset our plastic use.

For every plastic mailer, we use we are adding £1 to a fund that goes towards purchasing bracelets from 4Ocean. 4Ocean is a nonprofit organisation that pulls the plastic waste out of the Ocean, for each bracelet they sell they pull one pound (in weight) of plastic waste from the ocean! For more information on them check out their site https://4ocean.com/pages/our-story We fell in love with their work as they are better than your average charity, they are making a sustainable business out of cleaning up the waters. They work on new technology to clean up our oceans and seas, they create jobs cleaning up the waters, they educate about our environment and the issues we’re facing, and they are giving this waste a value creating new economies and making clean up sustainable! What’s not to love! Each bracelet we by from 4Ocean will be added to an order at random as a surprise free gift.

The Packaging we are Sent

When a supplier sends us items in boxes filled with packing peanuts or bubblewrap we are going to reuse it, and the box too! So when you receive goods from us in slight shabby bubble wrap or boxes that have other brands logo on please know this is us reusing what we have been sent! We are buying as little packaging as possible from new, and also never purchasing bubble wrap or non-compostable packing peanuts. We can’t help someone else’s choices to use bubble wrap, but we can certainly get more use out of it than the one shipment. We will send it on to you in your orders and perhaps you can reuse it again yourself. We will also add a little extra to our 4Oceans fund in the extreme cases too.

Shipping and Couriers

We are on the lookout for Co2 neutral shipping methods and eco couriers, alas as we are so small a business we don’t meet the minimums for the services we have found so far but we are sure one day we’ll be big enough to use one. So again, as a meantime solution, we are working on ways we can offset our Co2 and improve our environment manually. Once a month we engage in a range of gorilla gardening efforts, local environment clean-up schemes, and anything else we can sink our teeth into to boost the planet, even if it is just locally… watch this space though, we have some great plans to use our reach/network and envolve our followers in some fun clean up and planting events!

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