A little extra for our NHS!

A little extra for our NHS!

Some of you may have noticed that we are using a slightly cheaper shipping service during this pandemic, here’s why;

In order to limit our customers and posties having to interact with each other, we have switched from a 1st class ‘sign for’ service to just a standard 1st class service while lockdown is in place. This is just a little extra precaution to help everyone stay safe and at distance.

If its okay with you guys, the extra £1 this saves on the shipping cost, per order, will be added to a fund and donated to our NHS <3 It won’t be a tonne of money, but it all counts and it all helps! Let’s stick that extra quid right on the front line, and help our NHS workers however we can. Agreed?!

Also, we are still running our CLEANPAWS discount code which will get you free shipping on orders containing a bar of soap during lockdown (with a minimum order value of £12).

Finally, if you are NHS, Postal service, or a delivery driver drop us an email for a special 10% off discount code just for you! We couldn’t be more grateful for all our care heroes, key workers, frontline workers, and the delivery drivers keeping our economy from completely stagnating. PRH are donating everything we can, and signing every petition in support of you all!

Stay safe, and stay sane everyone!

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