Pesky Plastic!

Pesky Plastic!

It has come to our notice that our manufacturers like to sneak in pesky plastic packaging wherever they can! Some of you may have noticed that if you order a T-shirt they come in garment bags, and some of our water bottles or mugs come with a protective sheath, so what are we doing about it?!?!

We have asked out manufactures to at least ‘Hold The Plastic’ when it comes to our orders from now on. If they fail at this we are going to collect the plastic that can be recycled and take it to a specific plant that recycles things like garment bags (luckily there is one local to us, win!) We are also going to weigh it once collected and work out how much to donate to The Ocean Cleanup or our favourites 4Ocean, to get that amount of plastic out of the ocean, or to The World Land Trust to carbon offset it. If you have a preference which we do, feel free to comment below or reach out via our contact page, we would love to hear from you!

We are also going to be taking into account all the annoying things like the backs from our address labels and so on. We really want to do as little damage as possible with our operation here, given the options open to us. It’s our ethos to be as green as possible, and where we can’t make it green, then to at least we can give something back to nature by restoring the balance of that damage. Do no harm, take no sh*t!

As we grow we aim to make it all the way to being a CARBON NEGATIVE company, and with your support, we will get there in no time! #BigDreamsSmallCompany

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