Here at PRH, we do everything we can to be conscious of, minimise the impact on, and help our environment.
We do this by making sure our products are as low impact as possible. Where they cannot be ‘low impact’ we offset carbon and take other actions to minimise their negative effects, like giving to charities that are cleaning up beaches, or the ocean. We try hard to be intuitive with these decisions and give to causes related to the specific issue the product raises, so that you, our lovely customers, can shop with us feeling relaxed in the knowledge that the bad bits are taken care of.

This week we are starting a new journey in taking this a BIG step further. WE WILL BE GOING AT LEAST CARBON NEUTRAL FROM OCTOBER 1st 2020!

On the first of every month, we will be calculating our carbon footprint and completely offsetting it through GoldStandard.org. Gold Standard offers a range of ways you can offset your carbon emissions, and if our decision inspires you, you too can offset your emissions with them! Most individuals produce about a tonne of carbon per month, living in Europe which costs about £10 to offset, something to think about!

Of course, we acknowledge that offsetting is not as good as not creating the emissions in the first place! We won’t be using this as a ‘get out of jail free card’ to allow us to make bad decisions when it comes to our impact on the planet! At PRH we will always do the best we can for our environment and to inspire and enable you too do the same.

We want to leave this planet better than we found it and this is just another exciting step on that journey.


Special thanks to Dr Katie Chong for introducing us to Gold Standard and inspiring us to take this step! Check us out having big eco chats here!

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