PRH’s Green Halloween Howlers Playlist!

PRH’s Green Halloween Howlers Playlist!

Punk Rock Health’s Halloween Howlers Playlist is here!

We have lovingly put together this playlist of our favourite Halloween tracks to get you pumped throughout Spooktober and in the darkest of moods for Halloween! Expect some punk, some rock, some goth, some metal, and some total silliness! Oh, and a bit of soul and blues too! It has got it all! Stick it on, slap on a pointed hat, and do the monster mash to these gems!

We’ve put this playlist together as a way to sustainably enjoy Halloween with you! This plastic-free Halloween playlist is a great way to get into the Spookyvibes of autumn without spending your hard-earned bones on novelty plastic junk. We LOVE Halloween here at PRH, obviously, as punks, rockers, goths, and general weirdos, it’s our time to shine, but this year we are thinking outside the coffin when it comes to decorations, costumes, and treats! Here you will find sustainable and eco ways to enjoy Spooktober



Find our Spotify playlist at these links!



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