Every year I am so tempted to hit my local pound shop and buy every plastic skeleton, glitter skull, and pumpkin bucket they have… Why? Becuase I LOVE HALLOWEEN and all things skull, spooky, and dark! I would imagine that if you are reading this you feel at least a little like I do too, so in light of this I wanted to share with you some of my top tips of decorating for Halloween from an Eco and Green perspective.

I see a lot of eco blogs that talk about eco seasonal decorating from the point of view of crafting, which I really would love to do but have ZERO time for. It got me thinking there must be a way to get amped for the season without fuelling the novelty plastic racket you find in all big supermarkets this time of year, so I have been on a journey of discovery to work out HOW and share it with you guys… and this is what I’ve got.


First up, Shake what MOTHER NATURE gave you!

It seems obvious to use natures naturally stunning and colourful autumnal offerings to decorate your home with biodegradable seasonal beauty. However, a conscientious and green planet lovers there is a right way to do this and a wrong way. So let’s break it down.

Pumpkins and Squashes

How beautiful and adorable are mini pumpkins and gem squashes?! They look awesome in any Autumn or Halloween home display bringing colour and beauty into your home. I totally recommend hitting a local pumpkin patch with friends and picking your own as a seasonal social or even just nabbing a few from your local store, however, I don’t recommend using them for display and then binning them off! What a waste of a good pumpkin. I decorate with whole, uncarved mini pumpkins and squashes throughout October, and once a week I roast them up for dinner and swap them out for new ones! They last a good while on the shelf if your home isn’t too hot, so you could even get away with two weeks, just keep an eye on them. Check out my instructions on this here, if you want to know more!

If you are going to carve a pumpkin then the classic way to deal with the inners is to make a pumpkin pie, however, I rarely have time for fancy baking, so I either pop my waste inners in the compost or leave them somewhere local wildlife can have a little feast. SO many animals will eat pumpkin so it’s good to find a spot for your used pumpkins outdoors, somewhere responsible, to treat your local furry pals.

Acorns, Chestnuts, Pinecones

You may have noticed nature decorating the ground with acorns, chestnuts and pinecones, as well as beautiful coloured leaves. These all look wonderful as part of a home display and are readily available if you want to go on a hunt for some in your local parks. This is another great activity to do with children or pals. It is important to remember that the fallen autumn leaves nature the soil and provide shelter for little animals and mushrooms to grow, so don’t go mad and take tonnes, but a select few where there is an abundance won’t be missed! Similarly, with chestnuts and acorns, some little critters rely on these things for winter noms so don’t strip a local area bare of these natural treats. It is only reasonable to take a couple where there is plenty for everyone else. Once you have finished using them at home for decoration you can always pop them back outside rather than in the bin so the wild locals can make use of them again.

Dried Petals

Okay, this one does take some planning. If you have blooms in your garden or you forage for local blooms in spring/summer or if someone buys you flowers (remember to say ‘thank you’ before you warn them of the carbon issues of mainstream floristry!) keep the petals in a pot to dry out. When autumn rolls around you can use these to decorate around the bottoms of your squashes, or special Halloween ornaments to add colour and mass to your decoration. I scoop mine up into a big glass skull jar where they live for the rest of the year! See the pic above!


Secondly, Get things to KEEP, especially made of wood!

A lot of the issue with decorating for a seasonal occasion like Halloween or Christmas is that some cheaper novelty items might not stand to be kept and reused next year. It’s understandable if you are a spooky kid you’ll want to buy some new bats and skulls to decorate with, just make sure you’ve got your own sense check in place before you are seduced by all the bargain sparkly bats and jiggly skeletons. My personal sense check is

  1. Will it keep for future use?
  2. Will I love it again next year?
  3. Is it made from something or by someone I don’t want to invest my hard-earned bones on?

If the item passes the test I let myself enjoy all manner of novelties!

We are huge fans of wooden decore here at PRH! Like our MDF Halloween signs and driftwood candle holders! This is because wood serves as carbon capture. Having wooden items works out better for the planet as that carbon is captured and stored, and not whizzing about being a pest to our climate. Trees pull carbon out of the atmosphere, so if we use the wood from a tree to make something that carbon is stored in a safe place, and the space can then be used to grow more trees which in turn capture more carbon

For those of us short on storage space, I have a hot tip, consider decorating with artwork, consumables and recyclables. Artwork like our Witch Queen print can easily be stored flat on a bookshelf throughout the year (though personally, I am going to leave mine up all year round!). Things such as sugar skulls, spooky sweets, candles and even our skull bath bombs could feature until they are used up, throw in some recyclable decorations like paper chains and posters that are not troubling to the planet after use, and you are away! Of course, like everything in our modern world watch for the packaging used on these items as pesky plastic can appear in the most surprising of places these days!


Lastly, leverage DIGITAL content

You guys must have checked out our Halloween Howlers Playlist by now?! We made this playlist as an ultra low carbon way to share our enthusiasm for Halloween with you! This time of year so many stores give away little novelty things that either end up in the bin or broken as they’re cheaply made, OR they add spooky sweets to your orders in slips of troublesome packaging, we wanted to give you something but not at the expense of the planet so we made a playlist of our favourite Halloween bangers for us all to enjoy! Leveraging digital content is a great way to enjoy Halloween in a sustainable and green way. Watching movies, or spooky special episodes of your fave show, is great to get those Halloween vibes flowing at home. Plus, setting your screen savers to seasonal images can add spooky vibes to your life without consuming and causing hella carbon. Get creative, who knows what you’ll think of!

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