Carbon Offsetting: October 2020

Carbon Offsetting: October 2020

We are so excited about carbon offsetting Punk Rock Health as a business every month and wanted to share with you what it means and the impact we are having.

Every month we aim to more than offset our carbon emissions by contributing to different charities, initiatives and groups listed on the Gold Standard organisation website.

The Gold Standard Organisation says this about themselves:

“Gold Standard was established in 2003 by WWF and other international NGOs to ensure projects that reduced carbon emissions featured the highest levels of environmental integrity and also contributed to sustainable development. With the adoption of the Paris Climate Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals, we launched a best practice standard for climate and sustainable development interventions, Gold Standard for the Global Goals, to maximise impact, creating value for people around the world and the planet we share.”

This month our contributions have gone to two places. First up we donated to The Ceará Renewable Energy Bundled Project. This initiative aims to tackle one of the main causes of deforestation in Brazil by supplying an alternative to illegal logging while also creating more income for local people.

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Here is what the Gold Standard Org says about this project:

“The Ceará project has switched the fuel used by five ceramic factories from illegal firewood to agricultural and industrial residues. This biomass would have otherwise been discarded as waste, so the fuel switch not only transforms residues into something useful but also enables many local individuals to make a living – or complement their income – by supplying biomass waste directly to the factories.

Furthermore, the project receives wastewater from a local beverage company to be used in its production process, therefore protecting natural resources by reducing water pollution discharges and the need for water to be removed from natural habit, an especially significant step for a region afflicted by severe droughts.”


We also donated this month to WithOneSeed Timor-Leste Community Forestry Programme. This is a community lead forestry programme that is “dedicated to improving the resilience of subsistence communities to make environments sustainable, to end poverty and hunger, to deliver open education and to create regional partnerships.”

Here is a great video about their work:

SO now you know how we can carbon offset our emissions for October, and hopefully, we have inspired you to think about offsetting your own carbon emissions on one the excellent causes featured on the Gold Standard website!

Check in next month to see what Novembers Emissons go on!

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