As a BIG F U to B.F our discount code adds 20% to the cost of your order!

(Just Kidding… we are paying ENOUGH for BLACK FRIDAY, already!)

In fact, to say we are all paying 20% more on Black Friday is likely a vast undervaluation.

Most retail companies that participate expect at least a 20% increase in sales for B.F, if not a lot more so we all pay with at least

  • 20% more CO2 emissions
  • 20% more packaging into landfill
  • 20% more items bought that no one really needed.

We are paying for it with the change in our climate, plastic in our food, and generally empty feeling because we are continually being told buying stuff will make us happy.

As a big F U to B.F, I said we would put prices up by 20% store-wide with our Anti Sale code ‘BLACKFRI’, but we are actually doing something far better!

We are going to plant TWO TREES for every sale we make from 24th November 2020 until 30th November 2020, some with our pals The National Trust and some with our favourite climate change guardians at and all at no extra cost to you.

Please don’t take this as a signal from us to get shopping, simply shop as normal knowing that instead of strangling the little profits we make on our items, the profits from any orders this week will be going towards doing even more good in the world!

If you are here then you are likely already doing something good, so let us double down on your good vibes ad efforts, with some lovely trees!

You won’t get this from Amazon 😉

Two trees planted per order punkrockhealth

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