The Punk Rock Health Podcast

At Punk Rock Health we believe that discussion is the best vehicle for change. It’s when we sit down and talk that ideas are shared and opinions are changed. This is why the Punk Rock Health Podcast exists. Each episode features a guest who is trying to make a positive change to the health of our world, whether that is mental health, physical health, or environmental health. Each episode aims to have a few little take-home ideas that anyone can try to improve these aspects in their own life.

We like to discuss things like wellness, meditation, exercise, food, sustainability, recycling, climate change, fitness, depression, but in a way that is accessible, light-hearted, and open. Find our episodes here!

Episode One: My Mate, The Meat Free Mum 

Kelly and Amy on The Punk Rock Health Podcast
Amy talks to us about going meat free at home with a toddler, and a gym loving partner.

Episode Two: Halo Coffee Talks Sustainability Vs Convenience

specialty coffee halo
David talks to us about the world of convenience coffee and how Halo is different.

Episode Three: Climate and Carbon with Dr Katie Chong

Polar Bears and Climate Change
Dr Katie Chong tells us how we can shrink our carbon footprint and help the polar bears keep their home.

Episode Four: Talking Fitness with Fran

Fitness with Fran
Fran talks to us about how to take ownership of your fitness journey.

Episode Five: Satanism and Sobriety with Ben Dean

Uncover Satan Recover Thyself, podcast on alcohol and recovery
Uncover Satan Recover Thyself, podcast on alcohol and recovery

Episode Six: Sophie Talks Recent Sobriety

PRH POdcast Ep 6 Sophie talks Sobriety
PRH Podcast Ep 6 Sophie talks Sobriety

Episode Seven: Living Through Psychosis with Tom and Debbie

PRH podcast psychosis and mental health
Ep 7: Living through Psychosis


Episode Eight: New Year, New You? Fitness Fran is back!

New year fitness podcast
Ep 8: New year fitness with Fran

Episode 9: The Best Low or No Alcohol Beers for 2020 with Amy and Tom

Podcast Low Alcohol Beers for 2020
Ep 9: Low Alcohol Beers for 2020

Episode 10: Fear, Anxiety, and Therapy with Debbie Carroll 

mental health and therapy podcast punk rock health podcast