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Punk Rock Health

Sustainable, Ethical, Awesome!

A health lifestyle shop/podcast.blog site for people that want wellness with a Punk Rock attitude.

In our little shop, you will find health, wellness, and feel-good products that are sustainable, ethical, and awesome… with some Punk Rock flare! Nothing beige, nothing boring! You can love the planet without giving up on your style!

We believe that health and wellness belongs to everyone, not just those super disciplined fitties that dominate the free weights area, or those super bendy cats with perfectly aligned chakras! In our podcast and blog we try to figure out wellness with realistic ideas and practical advice, perfect for all us Oddbods.

Nobody is perfect, we all know that exercising and eating well is good for us, but having the willpower to do it every day is hard! We all know that plastics are damaging the planet, but it’s confusing to know what we can do as individuals to help. We all hear about things we can do to improve our mental health, but it’s hard to know what is going to work and what is a waste of time! Punk Rock Health is a place full of information and products that will enable you to meditate without feeling like a wally, stretch without fear of pulling a chakra (whatever that is?!) and shop responsibly without getting into a state of ‘Woke Anxiety’.